Gigantamaxing Coming, New Gym Info, for Pokemon Sword and Shield

The leaks were true! A reliable leak that has gotten many things right about Sword and Shield gave us information about a new form of Dynamaxing called Gigantamaxing. This turned out to be as expected, and gives us different looking forms of Pokemon.

Information is not known about whether it changes stats differently than normal Dynamaxing, but I would assume that it does.

Other things were also announced today such as version exclusive gym leaders! This game actually looks like the first game since Black and White where there’ll be actually be a reason to get both games!

The gym leaders are Bea, the fighting type gym leader and Allister, the ghost type gym leader. Bea is described to be a karate master, while Allister has a more spooky look, as you’d expect from a ghost type gym leader.

Two more characters were also revealed for these new games.

Their names are Chairman Rose and Oleana.

Chairman Rose is the creator of a huge company, and Oleana is the vice president of that very same company. As his title suggests, Chairman Rose is the chairman of the Galar Pokemon League, and actually was the one who sponsored Leon, the champion of the Galar Region.

Oleana is the vice president of Rose’s company, as mentioned before, as well as his secretary. The Pokemon Company states that Oleana is known for her calm and collected personality. I wonder what roles these characters will have inside of these games!

That’s all we know about Gigantamaxing and the new gym information. Keep coming here for more on Pokemon Sword and Shield and gaming news in general!


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