Microsoft’s $400 iPad competitor got revealed, welcome the Surface Go!

Early, this morning Microsoft revealed their latest Surface device, the Surface Go meant to take on Apple’s $329 iPad.
This thing will run Windows 10 S but will be switchable to full Windows 10 for absolutely free (I’m also pretty sure it gives Windows 10 Pro too!) keep in mind it is a one-way switch so once you turn it into regular Windows 10 you can never go back without buying a new device but for a 99% of people you don’t really have a need for full Windows 10.
This device will cost $399.99 for base model with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM.
You will also have the option to get 8GB of RAM and 128GB for $549.
It has a microSD card slot too so if it isn’t enough storage for you you can get a microSD card up to 2TB for it (2TB cards don’t exist yet but once one comes out it will be compatible).
This thing will have a USB-C 3.1 port, Microsoft’s proprietary ‘Surface Connect’.
This thing also doesn’t come with a keyboard and a pen like their Surface Pro so you will have to pick them up for $130 and $100 respectively.
It has a 10″ display with 1800×1200 resolution (3:2 aspect ratio) making a pixel density of 217 PPI.
It will come with the Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor which gets scores of 2000 in the single core side and 4000 on the multicore side which is honestly not very good. Mobile i5s from 2011, dual cores, mind you are more powerful than this thing (such as my i5-2435M). But for a $400 tablet the performance isn’t too bad.
This device looks very neat and a nice competitor to the iPad and I’ll probably pick one up!

Pre-order here: