Smash Switch is confirmed to be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and is a big one!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate got confirmed today! It’ll be coming on December 7! Now they announced a lot of things there so let’s get started!
All of the old characters will be coming back!
That includes Snake, Ice Climbers, Pokemon Trainers, literally anything!
8 player battles return too!
Mario gets Cappy and he gets a Builder and Wedding suits!
Link turns into Breath of the Wild Link! He also gets access to his ‘Tunic of the Wild’ suit.
Ike gets his looks from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance!
Pikachu gets a female version.
Fox is based off of Star Fox Zero.
Both Fox and Falco get a new Final Smash.
Ryu will always face his opponent in 1v1 battles.
Charge moves now can charge in mid-air!
Marth’s Dancing Blade is faster!
Marth now is voiced in English!
Shadow Moses Island returns.
Deedeedee’s Final Smash changes.
Zelda gets her Link Between Worlds style.
She gets a new Final Smash.
Sonic gets a new Final Smash called Super Sonic.
PAC-MAN gets a new Final Smash!
Pokemon Trainer can now stick with one Pokemon with no disadvantages
You can be female
Big Blue comes back
Cloud gets a new skin
You can now easily see his limit gauge.
Villager gets an easy way to see what he pockets.
Bowser’s gets a bigger Final Smash.
Game and Watch looks older!
Wolf gets a new design.
Kirby gets a new object for his Stone ability.
Shulk can now more easily switch between Monado Arts.
Ganondorf gets his Ocarina of Time style.
Mii Fighters get better movesets and may come online later!
They get more voices too!
Pit gets a new Final Smash.
Zero Suit gets a new Final Smash.
Olimar gets a cracked helmet when he gets damaged.
Bayonetta gets Bayonetta 1 & 2 costumes.
Wario gets a new Final Smash.
Donkey Kong gets a new Final Smash.
He gets new face expressions.
Little Mac and Ness get new Final Smashes.
Lucas gets a new Final Smash.
Wii Fit Trainer gets a new face.
Mega Man gets more hazards on his stages and a gets a new Final Smash.
Pauletina’s counter now is also a deflector!
ROB gets a new gauge showing his fuel
Echo fighters come and are are different versions of a character.
Daisy becomes Peach’s Echo Fighter.
Inkling can have different weapons.
They need to refill ink.
Ripley comes!
Some Assist Trophies can be KO’d.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this game!