The Extreme PC Build that almost no one will need!

Hi guys this is my personal build of a PC that almost no one will actually need in the real world. This PC won’t actually be built unfortunately because I don’t have the money to spend on this build. So let’s get started!



CPU – i9-7980XE

The reason why I picked i9-7980XE instead of the 52 core Xeon for this build is just because the i9 chip doesn’t have that many use cases. Xeons in general are usually more useful for the type of people who need this much power because of ECC and just simple price. The only thing these have over Xeons is really just single core performance which people with these intense workloads don’t tend to need nearly as much of. The only serious workload I could see this being used for is for “megataskers” who use their video editing software while having a game open while having a VM open with Ubuntu, etc. This CPU IMO is mainly just for enthusiasts who have a lot of money. This is very cool though. This costs “only” $2000!

GPU – Titan V

The reason why I picked this GPU is because well this GPU is basically pointless if you are going to use it for gaming. While it may be the most powerful GPU on the market for gaming this GPU is barely better than the Titan Xp while it being double the price! The funny thing is that the Titan Xp itself is barely better than the 1080 Ti and is much more than that. This GPU is pointless for anyone looking to use this for gaming (but for data researchers it’s probably actually useful).

Motherboard – X299 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon

For the motherboard I picked the MSI Gaming Pro. This motherboard isn’t really overpriced (for an X299 board of course) but it helps with the build.

RAM – G.Skill Trident Z 128GB (8 x 16GB)

This RAM I can’t really call overpriced as it actually has some use cases but it is just plain out expensive. We got the max amount of RAM this system can handle 3866 MHz speeds for whatever reason. (3866MHz doesn’t give that much performance gains over like 3200). This was over $1000 at the time of this recording so it adds on to our expensive PC!

Hard Drive – Samsung 860 Evo – 2TB & 120GB SanDisk Drive for booting

This NVMe hard drive isn’t so overpriced but doesn’t have that many use cases and like the last one is just plain out expensive. While this isn’t super expensive it is just extreme. But of course that wasn’t enough! We put 2 NVMe hard drives in Raid 10 so we could get 4GB of crazy fast NVMe storage. Also since Raid NVMe tends to have some problems with booting I just got a 120GB SSD to help with booting.

Operating System – Windows 10 Pro

Well since I didn’t want to use Linux and don’t support using Hackintoshes. Windows was the only option really but of course we picked Pro because we want this build to be as powerful as possible.

Power Supply – EVGA SuperNova 1000W Gold PSU

This is a baller PSU. 1000 W and Gold certified! We could go Platinum of course but I didn’t want to overpay too much. According to the PSU Calc it does cover the wattage of everything at 100% TDP

Case – Enthoo Primo White

This case is white and looks cool and is absolutely overpriced. This is $239.51 for something that basically only changes the look! I do get that some people will actually use this but it just seems very expensive.

Fan(s) – Corsair SP140

The case fan I picked was the Corsair SP140. I don’t really know how well this performs but it looked good and I put 5 of them so if it the fan is half-decent it should be able to cool this build. If you are replicating this build for whatever be sure to double check this part.

Monitor – Asus PG348Q x2

This monitor has a resolution of 3440×1440 runs at 100hz and is an IPS panel. This panel has nothing wrong without and isn’t that overpriced in my opinion but the fact that we’re getting two of them changes it up. You do not need two UW monitors! Getting two if these is just a luxury not a necessity for 99.9% of people. Getting a UW and a regular 16:9 is a different story but getting two of these is not necessary at all!

Keyboard – Corsair K95

This is $170, mechanical, MX red switches, it has good things in a keyboard and reviews say it is a good keyboard! This keyboard is just expensive so that is why we put it in this list.

Mouse – Logitech G903 & Mouse Mat

This mouse isn’t exactly overpriced either but it is expensive. This is a wireless mouse that is actually probably the best wireless mouse on the market and performs similarly to a high end wired mouse. This mouse has a maximum DPI of 12,000 and has an optional wireless charging mouse mat for a whole $100 that is overpriced but is really cool so of course we’ll be adding it to this!

Headphones – Sennheiser HD700 Headphones

$400 Wired headphones do I really need to say more? These have great quality but are just super expensive and is pointless for anyone who isn’t an extreme audiophile or who works in the industry.

That wraps up this super expensive build! You can build this build for yourself for “only” $13500! Yeah I don’t expect anyone to build this! Thank you for reading this and bye!