Only Pokemon in the Galar Pokedex can go to Pokemon Home

Oh wow, that’s terrible. Game Freak announced today at Nintendo Treehouse that only Pokemon in the Galar region Pokedex will transfer to Pokemon Home, the Pokemon Bank replacement. More than half of your Pokemon from up to 17 years ago, gone, just like that.

The reason that Game Freak gives for doing this is that they want to give us the Pokemon as fast as possible, saying that it would take too long to create the textures for all the Pokemon. Because of this, it seems like the Pokemon won’t even be in the game so if future games like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes come out, you won’t be able to trade your old Pokemon back to Sword and Shield.

Masuda says that he will explain more details later, so hopefully it’s better than it seems but right now I remain unhappy.

This is really disappointing for me, I have almost 100 shiny Pokemon (which isn’t much) but I’m very very sad that I can’t transfer all of them over.

If you are interested, I’ll compile a list of all the Pokemon shown so far so you’ll know what you can transfer!

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