AMD NAVI revealed, RX 5700 Series! More new on June 10.

Today at Computex 2019, Lisa Su revealed the RX 5700 series with AMD Navi. This contradicts earlier rumors saying that it would be the 2000 series to one up NVIDIA, but that turned not to be true!

They directly compared it with the RTX 2070, so it is most likely made to compete with that. I’m wondering whether it is going to be a sub-$500 GPU, or is it going to be a sub-$300 GPU like the rumors suggest.

It’s also confirmed to be a PCIe Gen 4 x16 product, so that’s nice as well, leading to better bandwidth!

This is all we know so far, but they are confirmed to give us more news on June 10 at E3 (3PM PST/6PM EST)

Hopefully, Navi shapes up to be a great product and I’m really excited to possibly try it!