Mega Evolution Confirmed in Pokemon Let’s Go!


Game Freak announced Mega Evolution today for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. This is amazing and also brings the possibility of more megas coming! I’d love to see Pokemon like Ninetales get a mega! They released a video and also updated their website! I personally love Mega Evolution and would love to see what could happen with Mega Evolution in these games! Since we have mega evolution, does that mean we’ll have Z-Moves? I’m more skeptical about Z-Moves though since that wasn’t a very exciting feature for many and was really more of a competitive feature than anything else. Anyway, it’s really exciting to see what could happen in the future of these games!

I also wonder if there will be an unofficial competitive scene with these games considering they have core features.  The only thing they’re really missing is the amount of Pokemon which is similar to VGC 2017 and VGC 2014 and Z-Moves which is not everyone’s favorite. I personally don’t think Z-Moves will happen but who knows? Anything could happen!


These games look amazing and I’m really excited to see what happens with these games next! I can’t wait until these come out on the 16th of November!


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Mega Evolution Confirmed in Pokemon Let’s Go!