MacBook Pros get quietly released by Apple

Earlier, this morning Apple announced their long-asked for MacBook Pros.

They have Coffee Lake processors, 32GB of RAM and a revised keyboard and even more! They only updated the touchbar MacBook Pros unfortunately so no quad core $1300 Macs. Apple also decided to give these devices a very fast read speed with up to 3.2 gb/s!


I can’t find the model of the base 13″ Touchbar but it looks like if you upgrade the CPU it goes to an i7-8559U.

The 15″ offers an i7-8750H, i7-8850H or the best of the best in laptops, the i9-8950HK.


Like all the other MacBook Pros, the 13″ does not come with dedicated graphics. The 15″ though has slightly upgraded graphics with X models. It comes with the Radeon Pro 555X that’s upgradeable to a 560X if you so please.


Apple listened all of us asking for 32GB of RAM on their laptops. Due to this change, they changed the 15″ to have DDR4 memory instead of LPDDR3. 32GB of RAM is exclusive to the 15″ which makes sense so they can save battery life on the 13″. Also, almost no one will need 32GB of RAM on the less powerful version!


They added Truetone technology to these displays to make them ever so slightly better!


They finally, finally updated the keyboard on these computers to the 3rd generation Butterfly architecture. This fixes the “sticky” issue preventing many people from buying this models and also makes the keys quieter! Very nice of Apple to fix many people’s complaints! (not that they had a choice)


These devices look amazing, and if I could afford it, I would definitely pick one up!

All in all Apple added a lot of new things with these Macs, 32GB, Coffee Lake. Anyway, have a nice day and thanks for reading!

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