How to Check your IVs in Pokemon Let’s Go

Have you wanted to trained to get an amazing competitive Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go? Well to do that you’re going to need to be able to check your IVs!

Similarly to the other Gen 7 games, Pokemon Let’s Go has a way to check your IVs built right into the stats menu! To unlock this, you’re going to have to go to the gate between Route 11 and Route 12. You’ll need to have caught thirty species of Pokemon so if you haven’t, you should catch them before you do this.

Once you go to the gate, climb up the stairs.

Talk to the guy in the white lab coat and then he will give you the ability to check your IVs!
Once you unlock the ability to check your IVs, go to the Nature screen on on of your Pokemon’s summaries and then press Y.

It will show a screen showing each stat and Best, Fantastic, Good, Very Good, OK, and Not Very Good. The Best marking stands for 31 IVs, the best you can get in the game! The “Fantastic” marking stands for 30 IVs, the second best you can get in the game. The Very Good marking stands for anywhere between 26 and 29 IVs. Pretty Good stands for 16 to 25 IVs and Decent stands for 1 to 15 IVs. Not Very Good stands for 0 IVs, the absolutely worst IV count that you can get in the game.

That’s all there is for how you check IVs in the games Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee!

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