IV Guide for Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Here is an IV Guide for Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. How do you get IVs? Well there is a little thing called SOS chaining which is the primary way to get IVs in Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon.

Setting Up SOS chaining for IV:

First, you’ll need a fairly high level Pokemon, preferably around level 70 or so. The Pokemon needs to have False Swipe. Also make sure it has an attacking move other than False Swipe. Another important item is the Adrenaline Orb. The Adrenaline Orb makes Pokemon much, much, more likely to call for help. You’ll also need a Pokemon with Trick/Bestow, Skill Swap, the Harvest ability, and a Leppa Berry. Exeggutor and Trevenant are good Pokemon for this. Stock up on potions. Little Pokemon can be very threatning over time!

Helpful Items:

If possible, Mawile would be amazing SOS Pokemon due to the fact Mawile is the only Pokemon with Intimidate and False Swipe. Intimidate increases the chance for a Pokemon to call for help. Intimidate is not neccesary but is nice to have. A Pokemon that has Thunder Wave or Hypnosis. Once you reach the max chain, a status move is nice to have as if it’s inficted with a status condition it will disable the ability for it to call for help.

Start the Battle:

Once you start a wild battle, immediately send out your Pokemon with a Leppa Berry, Skill Swap, Trick and Harvest. First, use the move Trick on the opposing Pokemon and that will give it a Leppa Berry. Assuming a Pokemon hasn’t been called out, use Skill Swap on the opposing Pokemon so it will have the ability Harvest. If another Pokemon has been called out, use Skill Swap on the same Pokemon that has the Leppa Berry. Harvest and the Leppa Berry will make it nearly impossible for the Pokemon to run out of PP. Chaining: Now, you’ll need to keep fainting the Pokemon that gets called out by the original Pokemon 31 times! Once 31 Pokemon have fainted and another Pokemon has spawned, kill the original Pokemon and catch that Pokemon and that will give you a guaranteed 4 IVs. Don’t keep going to try to get more IVs as you are never guaranteed more than 4 and odds don’t raise. Check Your IVs: First, hatch 20 eggs. After you’ve hatched the eggs, you’ll need to go to the Battle Tree. Talk to the Ace Trainer and he will give you the ability to check your IVs! To check your IVs, go to the box and press “Judge”. These are the translations from the text to their IV values: 0 = Bad 1 – 15 = Decent 16 – 25 = Pretty Good 26 – 29 = Very Good 30 = Fantastic 31 = Best Alternatively, you can use Serebii’s IV Calculator.

Breed for IVs

To breed for IVs, you’ll need to start with good IVs so follow the earlier guide or trade with someone for good IVs. You can use something called chain-breeding to breed for a powerful Pokemon. If you want more information follow this guide, but here’s an excerpt:

Passing Down IVs:

If you’re looking to make a competitive Mimikyu, you wouldn’t care about your Sp. Atk stat right? That would then make you try to get 31 IVs, in every single stat except Sp Atk. right? Let’s say you have a male Mimikyu with a Male Mimikyu with 31 IVs in Attack, Speed, and Sp. Def, and a Female Mimikyu with Def and HP! You may be wondering how do you get the child to have the best of both parents? That’s where the Destiny Knot comes in.

Destiny Knot is an amazing item introduced in Pokemon X and Y that passes down 5 random IVs from a random parent to the child. Unfortunately, if you’re breeding in Gen II through V, you’re stuck with the default where it passes down three IVs from the parent.

So if you’re breeding competitive Pokemon from Gen II to V, you’re most likely not going to want to put in the effort to get 5 IV Pokemon because even with 6 IV Pokemon as both parents you’ll still only have a nearly 1/1000 chance to get the 5 IVs you want (it’s less to get any 5 IV but it’s still outrageous) compared to Gen VI/VII chance of nearly 1/5 (1/31 + 1/6).

It doesn’t matter which Pokemon holds the Destiny Knot it will pass down IVs from both.

After you put both Pokemon in the Daycare with the Destiny Knot on a Pokemon, let’s say that it hatches a Male Mimikyu with 31 IVs in Atk, Speed, Def, and Sp. Def. It isn’t what you want but you can use it using something called chain breeding. The Mimikyu outclasses the other Mimikyu that was already breeding. You can replace Mimikyu with Mimikyu and transfer the items. It’ll increase your chances to get the 31 IV mon you want.

This is just a scratch on the surface into the complicated realm of breeding and passing down IVs.

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