Final Fantasy VII Remake shown at State of Play; More information in June

Earlier today, Sony had their own spin on Nintendo’s “Nintendo Directs” with their second State of Play conference. They announced many cool games like the Monster Hunter World expansion pack, but the game I am most excited for is of course Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Square Enix showed a trailer today. They didn’t give that many details but we saw about thirty seconds of the game. We now have full confirmation that the battle system isn’t turn-based, but it looks different from Final Fantasy XV’s system. They also claimed that more information will be show in June, most likely at the FFVII concert or E3 2019, which is just in month.

I’m very excited for this game and while I don’t have a PlayStation 4 yet, I plan on getting one in late 2020/early 2021 so I can experience this fabulous game!

Let me know about your thoughts about Final Fantasy VII Remake in the comments below.