Pokemon Home a replacement to Bank revealed, transfer to Sword & Shield confirmed.

Pokemon Home is coming as a replacement to Pokemon Bank! You’ll be able to transfer your Pokemon from Bank to Sword & Shield! Also, this comes with Let’s Go and GO support as well, so you’ll be able to transfer your Pokemon from Community Day and the like! Keep in mind, that you’ll only be able to go from Bank, GO, and Let’s GO -> Home one way so you can’t bring your Pokemon from Sword & Shield to GO or Let’s GO!

You’ll also be able to trade your Pokemon with friends through this app however, it doesn’t seem like there are any advantages for doing through the app instead of on the Switch. Maybe some will come later?

I’m so very excited for this and this is confirmed to come in 2020. This seems like it’s going to come on mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch so you can access it anywhere!

Stay tuned for more Pokemon news with this presentation still going!