No macOS 10.14 for you if you have any pre-2012 non-Mac Pro Mac

Apple announced macOS 10.14 Mojave today at WWDC 2018!
Unfortunately, they removed support for every 2009-2011 Mac excluding the Mac Pros.
The Macs affected from this change are:
Late 2009 MacBook
Late 2009 iMac
Mid 2010 iMac
Mid 2011 iMac
Late 2010 MacBook Air
Mid 2011 MacBook Air
Mid 2010 MacBook Pro
Early 2011 MacBook Pro
Late 2011 MacBook Pro
Mid 2010 Mac Mini
Mid 2011 Mac Mini
I feel very sorry for you if you’re affected by this. I do know how it feels as the only Mac I have currently is a Late 2011 MacBook Pro model.
Thankfully though the Mac Pros are saved ifyou install a Metal compatible graphics card into your Mac Pro. (You also have to install a Metal graphics card on the 2012 models)
More bad news is that unlike High Sierra you most likely won’t be able to install a patch. The reason is that based on having to have Metal on your 2010 and 2012 Mac Pro it’s looking like Metal is a requirement for the new versions of macOS. This means that the 2008 and 2009 Mac Pros may be able to get support for Mojave (through a patch) as people can install a Metal compatible GPU in it. Other than that only the Thunderbolt Macs may be able to get it through a patch through an eGPU where you have to use another unofficial patch to get it. Plus, if you a MacBook Pro you lose a lot of the portability.
Why, Apple? Why did you have to remove support for non-Metal Macs?